In effort to provide SMC students with invaluable exposure to the perspectives from relevant industry experts, while nurturing vital marketing and business skills, the SMCAMA will host events in the following industries/categories:

Main Event Themes
Sept.  Social Media/Networking Panel
Nov. 11th.    Entrepreneurship (panel/workshop)
Nov.   Retailing
Feb.   Event Planning
Mar.   Advertising/PR
April.    TBA

Professional Development Workshops
Dinner Etiquette
Big Idea of Small Talk
Personal Branding/Marketing Yourself
Careers in Marketing
Resume Workshop/HR Recruiting Panel

Our hope is that our events can bring value to both students and alumni alike through experiences that help foster new business ideas and relationships with other industry professionals. We are still looking for individuals who see an opportunity to volunteer their time and expertise as a guest speaker at one of the events above.

Additionally, if you do not see an opportunity to participate personally, but may know someone who would be an ideal fit for any of our scheduled events, please pass along their contact information.

If you can see an opportunity to volunteer your time, we would be honored by your consideration. I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss your potential involvement in the near future.

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