Start Up Business Marketing Event

Attention, entrepreneurs in the making! The SMCAMA will host our annual Start Up Business Marketing Event. We are thrilled to invite guest speaker, Jake Gasaway. Former SMC EMBA student, Jake has several years of on hands experience in Marketing and Sales at industry-leading companies including Philip Morris USA and Campbell Soup Company. He is now the Co-owner of Stitch Labs, a start-up assisting companies that design, make and sell products to manage their contacts, product catalog, inventory, expenses and order fulfillment, with an easy online program. As the Director of Business Development, Jake is responsible for growing consumer base and providing a strategic direction for the new company.

So what does it take to be a young entrepreneur in today’s economy? Find out about the newest marketing techniques, practices and programs, to successfully start your new business. Please email for further information.

Event Details 
What: Start Up Business Marketing Event
Where: Hagerty Lounge, First floor De La Salle
When: Tuesday, November 15th from 7 – 8p.m

Giving Back is Win-Win

By Scott Karas

Two weeks ago, an article was written about Starbucks and their new initiative to spur economic growth by helping out small businesses who are still facing many troubles in the current economic climate, largely because of they cannot get access to credit. CEO, Howard Schultz, has been focusing much of his time on issues not directly related to his own company, but rather what he calls “the jobs emergency.” While larger U.S. corporations such as Starbucks are still reporting high profits, small businesses who create many jobs are not. After brainstorming with his employees, “Create Jobs for USA” was created and is scheduled to be rolled out this Tuesday. Starbucks will partner up with Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) to provide credit to small businesses, and all the costs associated with the new program will be paid for by Starbucks and the Starbucks Foundation. Starbucks customers will be able to donate money to this effort when they buy coffee, and those who give $5 or more will get a red-white-and-blue wristband labeled “indivisible.” Schultz is hoping to convince other national retail chains to participate as well.


Although making political statements (something Schultz has been known to do) can be risky for brand image, this initiative will help this country in a bi-partisan way, and only improve Starbuck’s already very valuable brand name. Create Jobs for America is an example of great marketing, but more importantly it is a great cause. Senior VP at Levick Strategic Communications, Gene Grabowski, recently said “All the way around, this looks like a winning proposal.” With the tiresome budget talks in Washington, less than ethical corporate practices, and now the Occupy Wall Street movements popping up around the country, it is nice to see this type of corporate social responsibility from a very profitable and influential American business. We could use a lot more Howard Schultz’s in the world.

Please click on the link below for the full article from the NY Times:

Social Media Marketing speaker Bill Orr

The SMCAMA is happy to host our second annual Social Media Event. We warmly welcome back guest speaker Bill Orr, whom we have dubbed social media “guru”. Bill currently sits as the Executive Vice President at Racepoint Group, a local global public relations agency. With two decades of experience in evolving and driving targeted marketing campaigns for global and rising brands, Bill’s expertise ranges from digital entertainment, technology, and life sciences, to packaged goods, automotive and much more.

So while taking your first steps into social media can seem intimidating, learn the tools and techniques to successfully implement and develop social media marketing and to communicate effectively with todays most popular mediums. For more information, please email us at

Get in the know!
What: Social Media Event
Where: Hagerty Lounge, First floor De La Salle
When: Monday, October 3rd from 6 – 7p.m.


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